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Introducing our enchanting and environmentally conscious Halloween-inspired Biodegradable Glitter Set "Halloween Potion," designed exclusively for those who love to embrace the magic of the spooky season while being mindful of our planet. This bewitching set includes a spellbinding array of colors that will transform you into the star of any Halloween gathering.

Prepare to be enchanted by:

  • "Siren's Lullaby" - a mysterious blend of mix and fine glitters that whispers secrets from the depths of the ocean
  • "Pillow Fight" - a hauntingly beautiful white glitter reminiscent of ghostly apparitions
  • "Recycled Bullets" - a shimmering silver glitter that captures the essence of moonlit nights
  • "Long Vacation" - a captivating copper glitter that glows with the warmth of autumn evenings
  • "Kiss My Barbie" - a bewitching pink glitter that adds a touch of glamour to your Halloween look

Each jar in this magical set contains a generous 10g of sparkling goodness, allowing you to unleash your creativity and create spellbinding looks for Halloween parties, festivals, and other mystical events. 

Embrace the spirit of Halloween with our "Halloween Potion" Biodegradable Glitter Set and let your inner sorcerer or sorceress shine brightly while protecting our precious planet.

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Biodegradable Glitter

Enviromental concious & sustainable

Marine and wastewater biodegradable Glitter

No animal testing

Easy to wash off (with soap and water) 

Perfect for sensitive Skin

Use Glitter for: Daily make-up, Parades, Festivals, Halloween, Kids Make-up, Carnival ...


It usually takes 4 weeks to degrade – depending on glitter size and environment > such as heat, water, oxigen

Plant Based

Made in Germany from natural compostable plant-based materials raised from certified sustaiable small forest owners.

Plastic Free packaging

100% Plastic free packaging 

Glass jar + aluminum lid

Sustainable and recycled materials 

All local products


Read more about the ingedients in the FAQ's here

Easy to use

Simply add a small amount of balm to your skin and use a small brush or your fingertips to apply the glitter.

Easy to wash off (with soap and water) 

Watch "how to wash off" Video here

  • Biodegradable

    Marine and wastewater biodegradable Glitter.

    It takes around 4 weeks to degrade – depending on glitter size and environment: such as heat, water, oxigen)

  • Clean & Vegan

    Our Glitter is great for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin and children skin. The Glitter is Lightweight & breathable compared to plastic Glitter. 

    Vegan bio Glitter options available.

    + Cruelty Free: No animal testing.

  • Sustainable

    Made in Germany from natural compostable plant-based materials raised from certified sustaiable small forest owners. The Cellulose comes from the eucalyptus plant.

  • Plastic Free

    We love to say: Plastic Free for the Sea! 

    100% Plastic free packaging:

    Sustainable and recycled materials an "all local" product.

    Micro-plastic free glitter options available.

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  • "

    "The Glitter Jars look smaller than they are. They are top full and I have used them more than 20 times yet and the Jar is still full of Glitter. I love this product!" 

    - Freya P.

  • "

    "Biodegradable Glitter is by far the best invention ever! I absolutly Love NatureGlitz"

    - Levi S.

  • "

    "Big fan of Susanna and Tamara. I follow them on Instagram and they share not only their Glitter - Which I absolutly love - they also share lot's of love!"

    - Ariana T.

  • "

    "My favorite Festival product. I always have so much fun with glitter. My favorite color is the Beluga Mix."

    - Valentina B.

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