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Introducing our vibrant and eco-friendly Biodegradable Glitter Set "Apocalypse", designed with the environmentally conscious and sustainability enthusiasts in mind. This set includes 3 dazzling colors that will make you shine and sparkle while taking care of our planet.

Get ready to dazzle with

  • "Pillow Fight" - a captivating blend of white glitter,
  • "Long Vacation" - a mesmerizing mix of copper glitter, and
  • "Ocean Eyes" - a fine blue glitter that will make your eyes sparkle like the deep sea.

We are proud to offer you a 100% plastic-free glitter that leaves no harmful trace behind. Crafted from natural plant-based materials, our glitter is made from cellulose extracted from the eucalyptus plant, ensuring a sustainable and renewable source.

Each jar in this set contains a generous 10g of glimmering goodness, providing you with ample glitter to elevate your look and create unforgettable moments at events and festivals. Whether you're rocking an enchanting fairy-inspired ensemble or channeling your inner cosmic goddess, our Biodegradable Glitter will add that perfect touch of magic and radiance.

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Biodegradable Glitter

Enviromental concious & sustainable

Marine and wastewater biodegradable Glitter

No animal testing

Easy to wash off (with soap and water) 

Perfect for sensitive Skin

Use Glitter for: Daily make-up, Parades, Festivals, Halloween, Kids Make-up, Carnival ...


It usually takes 4 weeks to degrade – depending on glitter size and environment > such as heat, water, oxigen

Plant Based

Made in Germany from natural compostable plant-based materials raised from certified sustaiable small forest owners.

Plastic Free packaging

100% Plastic free packaging 

Glass jar + aluminum lid

Sustainable and recycled materials 

All local products


Read more about the ingedients in the FAQ's here

Easy to use

Simply add a small amount of balm to your skin and use a small brush or your fingertips to apply the glitter.

Easy to wash off (with soap and water) 

Watch "how to wash off" Video here

  • Biodegradable

    Marine and wastewater biodegradable Glitter.

    It takes around 4 weeks to degrade – depending on glitter size and environment: such as heat, water, oxigen)

  • Clean & Vegan

    Our Glitter is great for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin and children skin. The Glitter is Lightweight & breathable compared to plastic Glitter. 

    Vegan bio Glitter options available.

    + Cruelty Free: No animal testing.

  • Sustainable

    Made in Germany from natural compostable plant-based materials raised from certified sustaiable small forest owners. The Cellulose comes from the eucalyptus plant.

  • Plastic Free

    We love to say: Plastic Free for the Sea! 

    100% Plastic free packaging:

    Sustainable and recycled materials an "all local" product.

    Micro-plastic free glitter options available.

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  • "

    "The Glitter Jars look smaller than they are. They are top full and I have used them more than 20 times yet and the Jar is still full of Glitter. I love this product!" 

    - Freya P.

  • "

    "Biodegradable Glitter is by far the best invention ever! I absolutly Love NatureGlitz"

    - Levi S.

  • "

    "Big fan of Susanna and Tamara. I follow them on Instagram and they share not only their Glitter - Which I absolutly love - they also share lot's of love!"

    - Ariana T.

  • "

    "My favorite Festival product. I always have so much fun with glitter. My favorite color is the Beluga Mix."

    - Valentina B.

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